Top 5 Things to Do Leading Up to Christmas

So Christmas is around the corner, your tree's up and filled with wrapped presents,  your big food prep is sorted and the sacks are hung. So what else is there to do? Here are our top 5 ideas!

Christmas Noel Decorations

1. Watch a Christmas movie

What other way to get into the spirit of Christmas than to jump on the couch and throw on a Christmas movie. There's really only one option for the girls... Love Actually. No matter how many times we've watched this, every year it seems to be our number 1 goto tradition on Christmas Eve. Nothing warms the heart more than a Christmas themed romantic comedy just before Santa arrives.

For the dads and kids, the Macaulay Culkin classic Home Alone is one that'll never get old. Dads will remember it as kids and today's children MUST experience this comedy gold.

2. Dust off the board games

It's often rare to spend quality time as a family but often it'll lead to quiet moments of awkwardness whilst the temptation of pulling out the phone becomes very real. Put the phones and ipads away, dust off an old time favourite board game (or purchase one if you haven't already) and get the laughs going! Our favourites include Cluedo, Guess Who and Speak Out.

Are you a little bit more tech savvy? Ellen Degeneres' Heads Up available for Apple and Android devices will keep you entertained for hours especially after watching those embarrassing replays.

Don't have kids around? Then nothing beats a round of red wine and multiple games of Cards Against Humanity.

 3. Head out to your local Christmas Eve venue

For those of you who dread Christmas Day and prefer to hit the town with your friends, you'll often find local bars that are absolutely cracking on Christmas Eve. Every capital city in Australia has that one venue where everyone knows to go on Christmas Eve and for us here in sunny Perth, it's the Left Bank Christmas Eve party!

4. Drive around looking for Christmas Lights

We all know that one house nearby that is loaded with Christmas lights and decorations so why not take a moment to stop by and appreciate all the effort put into these seasonal masterpieces of art. Make a tradition of it with the family by planning ahead so you can tick off as many houses as possible!

5. Opening one but only one present

Yes we're one of those impatient people! But, if you have kids you'll thank us for this one as it'll hold them over until Christmas morning. Of course, kids are the excuse right?


We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Have a safe and festive holiday season! Remember there are always Christmas orphans around so reach out to those without families to join your Christmas celebrations to really embrace the spirit of these holidays.


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