Steel & Crystals

Before cleaning your watch, ensure that the crown is pressed in to guarantee its water resistance.

We recommend the following solutions for cleaning steel and crystal surfaces such as the watch case, glass crystal and steel mesh strap.

  • 3:1 Ammonia-Based Window Cleaner to Water
  • 4:1 Rubbing Alcohol to Water

These solutions will evaporate and leave a clean surface. Do not use soap products as soaps will leave residue behind when dry.

Use a cotton bud or soft bristle brush for tight areas where dirt may be trapped, particularly in the corners of the lugs and the steel mesh strap itself.

If you've been swimming at the beach or in a salt water swimming pool, ensure that the watch is thoroughly rinsed using regular tap water. Salt water can damage the watch if untreated for prolong periods.

Leather Watch Straps

Your Hervor leather strap will add a timeless appearance for your everyday look and we want you to be able to wear it for as long as possible. Genuine leather is a living material and thus has a limited lifespan but it's what we can do to prolong its life that will help protect your new leathery friend.

If you don't have time to read this section in full, here is a quick rundown on what NOT TO DO:

  • Do not get your leather strap wet
  • Do not leave your leather strap in direct sunlight or exposed to direct heat
  • Do not let your leather strap dry out - apply leather conditioner

To maximise longevity, keep the leather hydrated and protected with leather cleaners, conditioners and waterproof sprays. These can be purchased at any good boot-makers and shoe store.

Leather & Water

First up, like cats, you'll find your leather strap will not do well in water or humid environments. Avoid direct contact with liquids such as perfume/cologne, make-up, creams, ink, alcohol and water. Contact with liquids can potentially alter the leather permanently by marking or staining the surface.

If you require to clean your leather strap, use a damp cloth (do not saturate) to wipe away any marks or stains. If you must, use cold water to rinse (do not use soap) but only for short periods and do not immerse in water. Immediately dry the leather strap with a towel - do not apply heat or leave under direct sunlight when drying. To maximise longevity keep the leather hydrated with leather conditioners and cleaners.

We recommend regularly using a waterproof leather spray to help minimise any liquid damage.

Leather & Sunlight/Heat

Like most things under direct sunlight, your leather strap will age quickly if overly exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. Direct sunlight will fade or discolour your leather strap so don't store it on window seals or leave it on your car's dash.

Avoid leaving your leather products near direct sources of heat, as your leather may dehydrate and deform when exposed. To maximise longevity keep the leather hydrated with leather conditioners and cleaners.

Leather & Dryness

Leather is essentially a skin and requires to be regularly hydrated to avoid cracking. Apply leather conditioner on your leather strap every 3 months for best results.

Salty environments, such as the beach, will also dry out the natural oils and leave stains on your leather strap. The best way to remove salt is to use a very soft sponge, dampen it, and lightly press the sponge on the affected areas. If the salt is dry, it will be much easier to see how well you are removing it. It is best to try and use the sponge before the salt has dried. After you have done this, recondition the affected area.

Water Resistance

Your Hervor watch is water resistant and the level of water resistance will be indicated on the case back of each watch. In order to guarantee its water resistance, the crown must be fully closed when in contact with the water. Though your watch will resist water, your leather strap will not take too kindly to being submerged. Do not shower with your leather strap. Please see the information above on caring for your leather straps.

Below is a brief description for each level of water resistance:

WATER RESISTANT: This model is resistant to minor and accidental splashes. Greater water contact should be avoided.

WATER RESISTANT 3 ATM: Protection across everyday activities, bathing, accidental splashes, short swimming or car washing, etc. These models are resistant against perspiration, water vapor and rain drops. Tested for water resistance up to 3 ATM.

WATER RESISTANT 5 ATM: Protection in everyday activities, bathing, accidental splashes, short swimming, car washing, water sports and skiing. These models are resistant against perspiration, water vapor and rain drops. Tested for water resistance up to 5 ATM.

WATER RESISTANT 10 ATM: Protection across everyday activities, swimming, rain, mountain climbing, parachuting, hang gliding and skiing. Tested for water resistance up to 10 ATM.

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